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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Come to July, Wishing !!

Hello everyody ! Today is 2 July 2011, Saturday ! i'm going to school today, because of the "1 murid, 1 sukan, 1 Malaysia" There are whole Malaysian's running on this day !! ok ! i'm walking actually, because i'm not a sport active =.= haha ! i just like to blogging and shopping ! nice xD do u same with me ?! the picture is capture by my friend's camera ! i'm waiting it too ! so i will upload after this =) stay tunned ! wat a tired day, after running, we decide to attend koko =.= we are plying badminton !! very nice !! i like badminton and swimming. after having the MacDonald, we back ! so just a day ! nice day =)

It is July now ! My Important Day is coming soon ! i dunno wat i'm excited for. bt i really wish to have a super happy day on the importan day ! i wish many many frens will pass the day with me ! haha ! because this is the last year for us =) i just wish to have a happy day man !! xD

Share something with u all xP Yo Seob. He is V.I.P for me !! =D

He is cute ! he tied up his hair xD

awwwww ! so cute =D

And handsome xP

And share soe nice song to u guys ! try to listen =)

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