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Friday, May 18, 2012

Short post =)

Hello everyone, i had been a long time didn't update my blog. Month of May am busy for my college problem. I am late for register, so am rush. And am work on April. Everything change too fast. I'm still not in it. So now, i am studying in Berjaya Universiti College of Hospitality. Programme is Diploma In Event Management. So now, am busying for study, for my assignment, for improve my eng, speaking, grammar, writing, all what i need is improve, improve and improve. Alot of things i gonna to do. And it is MUST. And i need to find a part-time job when my studies stable. There are still a long distance for me to achieve my goal. OMG.

And i had cut off my hair. Alot of ppl said that short is better than long, for me also. More easy to care, and look young, and cute :P haha. i should cut it early.

My class is from Monday to Friday, sometime the lecture will change the class or cancel it. And not all of my lecturers good in teaching and speaking. Got some of the lecturers made me feel sleepy when she/he teaching.

The new ipad "we" get, using "we" is because all of my family members are sharing this ipad xD haha. My mum, younger sis and me is to play games. And my elder sis is to work.

So end of today, am still need to do my assingment.
Enjoy song here =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The day with my girl ♥

Monday, day with my girls =)
Today is the day with my girls, i spend whole day with them. Morning am going shopping with my honey, Ashley =). She came to fetch me on afternoon. Hehe. And i get some stuff on that day. At the night we going to STEAMBOAT together. Hehe. We 8 girls together again =) Appreciate and love them =D

She is my honey,Ashley =) and she is now in a bad mood. But i wish she know that I love her =) And i know how to appreciate our relationship. Ashley Soo, listen clearly, REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU SO. I am here for you. TAU ?? =) muackss
What i get on that day, Puma tee and Vans tee =)
And, they are my girls. Have a look =D

Enjoy the song, my big bang here

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello, i am long time didn't update my blog. I am working now. 10am to 10pm... Is no time to let me do those thing... i can't sleep more than 8 hours... i can't always online. i can't always out. i can't do alot alot of thing. And i'm just got 1 day per week. So, if i can accompany my boy, means can't accompany my friend. Haixx. And, i had change my phone. I'm using iphone 4s now. And i love he cover very much. This is what my boy bought for me. And the home screen sticker. I get it also, it is winnie the pooh also =) Thanks my boy, i love u so much =)

How about my SPM result ?? Haha, i just can say. I am not really care about it. I won't sad about my result. I got 5 credit. "ok ok lo" for me. Actually today i take leave at 6pm. But i dunno the education fair in Midvelly is over by 6pm. *SHIT @@ angry... But nvm,i can search it on internet also =)

So i just stop here, not much thing to post about.
Enjoy some song here =)