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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cameron Highland - Day 4

Cameron Highland last day, Bye bye to Cameron Highland. Hi again to KL. Boring at KL. haha, full of air pollution and Sound pollution area. Lol. I love Trip. On the way to home, we rest and stopped at ipoh jusco. And i bought something that i LOVED so much. Haha. Show u the picture now. :P
Outfit of the day =D
This is the big love that i made just now.
This Pooh Bear jelly i bought at Ipoh too :P
This is the big cup !! if u love it. can buy it at jusco =)
Inside the box got 2 bowl and 2 cup !! super nice =D
This is the souviner that i buy for my sweeites. Love them so !!
Done !! Finish post about Cameron Highland. Come on, song of the day =D

Cameron Highland - Day 3

Ok, I know. I had left my blog for many days. And now i still havent finish yet. I still got a lot of post need to post up. So, i will as fast as i can to finish the post about Cameron Highland. I will finish it today. Day 3 and Day 4.

Outfit today. Hehe, With sunglasses. Is a sunny day =)

My mummy here, with the big cactus =D
The chocolate i buy at avant chocolate !! Tasty :P
My mum love this. But she dunwan to buy. Because our house is really full of cactus =.=

Lantern Flower

The LOVE strawberry. U c it ??
The rabbit i saw at the farm. omg. It is looking at me. So cute !! =)
Pepper Tree ?? =D
Finish the day. Actually nothing special to post. Because Cameron Highland is just a simple place. But there is cool and a lot of farm. Love the weather there. The people who lives there. Their cheek also will turn to pink. The weather is really nice !!

The song of the day, enjoy it my friend  =)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cameron Highland - Day 2

The second day at Cameron Highland. My mum likes flower and cactus,so i had alot of chance to hiding here. We can't found any air-conditioner at Cameron highland, because it is cold enuff.Especially,At night. It is hard to fall asleep. So,i can't fall asleep whole night untill morning.I slept untill 12pm.They are waiting me to went out. hahaha. sorry :P Let c some picture =)
Hello, I am Sherin :D
Having ice-cream :P I ply ply. Still say the weather is cold,but wan to eat ice-cream. so 38 :D
Here is for my sister. Strawberry Cheese Cake. Look nice. But i dun like strawberry,so i didnt try.
With daddy and mummy. I Love You So Much :)
When my mum enjoying the flowers and cactus. Im plying with my sis =D hahaha.

Let me show you some nice flower that i found :) Enjoy 
I ask my mum what flower is this. She said : Forget. Lol. But this is nice. I love it.
I know this :) This is roses. Super love white roses :P
This is Lavender. So nice.
This got love shape. But i dunno what is this call.

This got write,Lily. Sooooooooo white man. :D
This two old ppl :P
Lastly, gift you a picture of my noob sis =.= But it is so funny. I can lugh whole day when looking this picture.
 End for the day, Cameron Highland didnt had any shopping centre. Haha. So, we are just visiting the garden for this few day. Stay tunned for Cameron Highland Trip - Day 3. 

Day of the day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gameron Highland - Day 1

Hey guys.Yes, i know i had long time didn't update my blog. So today i m going to share about trip at Cameron Highland. I will stay there for 4 days 3 night. From 30 August to 2 September. Wake up at 8am. Having some "dim sum" at Taman Muda. After that we start our journey =) Let c some picture about the day. 

Outfit of the day. Top from F-Block and Langging.
Im queing up to bought the soya bean.

We reached Ipoh at 11am for lunch. We had our lunch at Rasa Sayang Chicken Rice Shop. And bought the famous food at Ipoh, Salted Chicken and Soya Bean.  

Im queing up to buy the soya bean.
Ignore my face !!!
So,we reached Cameron Highland around 2pm.Here is very cold man.The first station,we stopped here because my mummy needed to went to toilet.And you see, the sunflower was bigger than my face.owww, now u know y i am wearing my sunglasses to take photo? because i m taking picture without make-up and lens. u know y? Im not having lens and make-up because i wanted to sleep in car.The journey taking us 4 hour. So,ignore my ugly face please.U can just concentrate on the big sunflower.i dun mind =.=   

My younger sister, Sephiria.
Daddy and mummy !!

Second station, Avant Chocolate.The named had tell,it is a chocolate shop.I bought some chocolate for my sweetie here as souvenir.Lets c.

Avant Chocolate

So cute right?
The $$ is nice too =.=
Full of angry birds in this phone station.
We bought bbq corn.omg.very nice.
So we reachd hotel at 4pm. Hehe. Leisure Holiday Greenhill Resort. Block, Carnation. Room, C12. Lets C my room =D
I along my huge love and pooh bear with me =) So, rest time.
After a nap, we went to night market. This is the special night market. How special it is? We need to wear jacket to this night market. If u wear a jacket to ampang night market, the ppl will say u idiot. but come to Cameron Highland, everybody was wearing a jacket to night market. Hahahaha. At the night, my mum cooked steamboat for us. Owww, nice man, the hot steamboat is suitable for cold weather. By eating the steamboat, we played mahjong also. Hahahaha, our favourite man. I had win a lot of money from them =P We get into bed at 10pm.

 Finish for Day 1 at Cameron Highland. The song by Bruno Mars.