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Monday, January 23, 2012

年初一 :)

Hello people, today is 年初一, what are you doing today ? is it ur day nice ?? I am =) i am so happy today, sure included receive alot of angpau, eating with the family, visiting my aunty house, and "bai bai" at the 东禅寺. Hmmm, let see. i wake up 8.50 in the morning. Excited. I love my outfit today, going to show you the picture soon. Tomorrow i am going to Kuantan. I will be back at Saturday, so stay tunned for my new post on Sunday. Let the picture do the talks now ;)

Outfit of today :) top and bottom from online shop. shoes also. but now can't see. because i take off before went in the temple. Ltr u will c it, and the stockings, i forget whr i get it. haha, and my bag, Longchamp, from Germany :p

With my babe sis, Sephiria. She is so RED today :)

I bless my family healty always, and my boyfriend's family too. And my uncle faster recover back. And my mummy and daddy earn more in this year. for myself too =) not really much la !! u must help me archeive these wishes !! haha :P

平安灯, for my uncle. :)

From left is my younger sis, sephiria. Me. Mummy. And my elder sis, Jess.

My handsome daddy :P

With the sisters,

Here is we all !! i love you my FAMILY :)

After this, we went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi for lunch ad walk around.

CHE GO KOREAN B.B.Q !! Korean food as our lunch, really nice and full :)

Let's smile to welcome the new year =)

The food. *YUMMY

This is the most nice one :P Chicken BBQ. The waiter help us to made this.

We went to my aunty house at 4pm. Having dinner with the big family is so nice. Would u like it too ? i love the feeling so much. Today i am not going to gamble!! haha. i am going to sleep soon. Tomorrow need to wake up early to pack my things to the trip. Good night. Hope you had a nice day too =)
At the last,how can less New Year's song in New Year ?? Enjoy it friends :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year =)

Hey everyone !! Happy new year. I am blogging now because i had no time to blog soon !! i m going to trip after tmr... Five days trip. Gonna to back at next saturday !! quite long...Today i am going to blog about my Friday and Saturday. I am eating with my boyfreind's family member on Friday night. Let c the pic =) oh, forget to tell, when he saw me, he said, you ar so beautiful today. OMG. i cant imagine how am i. dunno y xD

Outfit of the day
With my boy =)

And here is her sister =)

Second is Saturday, out for sing k, and buying cloth, let me think what i bought on Saturday. I sing k, Eating, A dress, Forever 21, a pair of rings and a leggings. 4shirt for my boy, and nail art. OMG !! my boyfriend i m wasting money to bought his shirt. i think no !! i like the feel when i together with him, he is wearing the shirt that i gift to him. This is so sweet =)Let the picture do the talks =)

This is me on that day
Me and Her =)

C what my boy gift to me. I tell him that this is cute !! but i didnt tell him that i want this. But how good he is.. hahaha. i love it my boy, i love you =)
The nail paint of the day =)

Finish here. Nothing to talk about !! Here is some song. Enjoy it =)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess what ??!!

Hello everyone =) i'm here for blog again !! Chinese New Year is coming, but i got a bad news to started my New Year. My uncle accident, now still stay in the hospital. Just finish the operation. quite serious, and just get a news is save back his life. but, he still in a coma. Hope he will wake up soon. Haixx. Back to the topic !! guess what xD

Hey !! guess what is this :P dun tell u first. c my picture first xD

When i am working at my mummy shop. Freaking tired. But she was just hired ppl. So i no need work thr. I want to find a new work also =)

Haha !! It was just a candy floss. Bought it from TAIWAN. It was too sweet.

Just a short post. Enjoy some song =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

About New Year

Hey guys, i know i had been so long didnt update my blog. Haha. I'm buzy. I'm now working at my mum shop. She needs ppl help. So i am going there for few weeks. This is the first week i done. So tired. REALLY !! So now, i finally realized how tired and suffer that my mum and dad working. It is very very hard. Many things to do. The telephone and the order comes non stop.The time to toilet and eat also didnt have. So actually i need to spent more time on family. Especially mum, because she did so much for us. She is really really a good mum. i cried for the whole night because of her. I scare te day i lost here. and cant do something for her. Yes, i think too much. She will be 长命百岁 !! i wan my mum to saw my future baby. i wan her to take care him/her. i love you mummy =) Back to the topic. Going to post about the time i with my boy. I'm going to SUNWAY LAGOON with him at 4/1/2012. He off three days just because to accompany me, because i keep ask him to bring me to SUNWAY to play. We spend whole day still can't to play the whole park. omg. Next time i should played the scream park. my boy scold me that, "What also not dare to play". He said such a boring day to play with me. *SAD. Let c the picture =D

The look of the day =D
He not willing to take picture with me !! *HATE

So i scold him, SERIOUS ABIT K ??
Actually now see back my photo album. we really didn't take more picture then this. OMG. so sad. because our thing is whole day in the locker. It is heavy. and i lazy to carry it to play. =D So, end for this.

Come to the next day. 5/1/2012. I dyed my hair at Time Square. The girl who always help me the hair cutting. She knows what i need =D So i like to went there for hair cutting and dyed my hair.After i dyed my hair. i really REGRET so much !! i miss my black long hair. The soft and beautiful hair colour. Let c the picture.

Just a little hair cutting. And this is the colour. Nice ?? Is it suit for me ??
But the comments i hear from my family member is, i like ur black hair more. OMG.

Like this. Gold !!
Just like this. =( So Sad. Miss my black hair badly !!!! i won't dye it anymore.

SO now, i m going to give some rules for myself.
1. Save more and Earn more
   I wish i could earn more money for my mum to use on her own things and no need work so tired ans hard in the shop. I need to save more for the year end trip with my boy.

2. Spend more time on family
   I scare i'm left not much time to accompany them. so i appreciate the time i being with my family. Espacially mum and dad.

3. Don't be lazy
   I hope i won't be lazy for everything i did. i don't want to sleep so much after this. i am still young. i should spend more time to do more things that i can.

4. Tidy up my room
   OMG. my room is kind of TERRIBLE !! i shoule clean it as fast as i can. because new year is coming.

5. Study hard
   My class is going to open at March. I will be studying the course "professional wedding planner" at Puchong. My couse is just going to be few months only. i can finish it faster. so i much put more heart on it.

6. Find a part time work
   Part time work, this is what i need now. If my mum's shop is hired ppl. then i can find a work for part time.

7. Learn more and Speak more
   I should learn more language, this is my hobby =D And i'm so shy to speak with others, so i must speak more and talk more to the ppl. The most important is. I still want to pay more attention on my english. i still wan to improve it more. Because english is the language that i loved most =D

Let u see my works at my mum shop =D
Hehe, this, i frame myself. Nice ?? =D
The sunway lagoon and the KL auquarium =D

I think, just like this. Would u like some song ?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year !! :)

Hello guys, Happy New Year to you all :) The dragon year. I m 18 years old ady !! Welcome 2012. Today is the 1st day of 2012. I hang out with my family. We went to 1Utama. And guess wat ? Traffic Jam, No parking and alot of ppl. OMG. Let c some picture =D

Outfit of the day, Dress from random, Lv bag and Converse =D
Sticky, the famous sweets. This is the first time i ate this. Yes !! I know i am out =.= *SIGH
Today my sis back from Taiwan. And here is the things she get for me. Mask, MY BEAUTY DIARY. Eye Mask. Winnie The Pooh Folder. Sleeping Mask from my beauty diary too. I can tell u is, if u got went to Taiwan, must buy alot alot alot of mask from there. Because it is very very cheap... :)

Just a short post. Thanks for viewing =)
Here is the song,