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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mooncake Festival is coming !! =))

Hello guys ! 12 september is Mooncake Festival ! exciting, bcoz i will play candles and lantern !! and this time ! i saw winnie the pooh's lantern in The Store ! i will buy it and ply it this year !! teehee ! And today ! My classmate, Maelynn. had made mooncake for us ! it is nice =)) a very thank you to maelynn !! we love u mama (she is our mama in class) ! hehe ! yes hor maelyn ??!! A very serious topic here ! Trail is coming, lol ! im doing revision with friend nw ! and always stay back to do revision with friend ! lol ! quite busy this few month ! i dunwan shopping !!!! i wan safe money for lumix gf-3 =D wooohooo ! i will try my best !! yeah yeah yeah ! so let c the picture =)

Here is us ! thanks mama =D

Wooo !! look nice !! yummy yummy ~~~!!!

Red Beans flavour !! =)

Bo peep, Bo peep, Bo peep, Bopeep !! =D

Bye bye and good night =))

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My sunflower growing process ♥

Hi Hi !! Sherin in the house !! =) trail exam is cuming , very near ! and i m still playing ! lol ! i wish i could be more hardworking to do revision in any subjects ! but i m lazy ! lazy is the most serious problem that make me cannot concentrade on study ! i will try my best to win tat "=) guy" ! i wont lose to her ! i will keep remind myself that SPM is near ! less than 100 days ! less than 3 months ! lol ! scare scare scare ! so back to the topic ! share with u, my sumflower growing process ! the seeds given by my chinese teacher ! i would like to try it ! and now ! share with u the picture !

Here is process 1 and 2 !! the seeds in its house !! =D

c it ?? xD

Then now is growing untill like this !!
Happy to c my sunflower grow healty !!

share some nice song with you all =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Titiwangsa with 5 Akru !! =)

Hey everybody !! teehee !! feel happy without reason !! i wanna to share with u, the day i hang out for photography with 5 Akru whole class !! i having fun with my dearest (only) ! and i realise what the meanings of friend and best friend !! i hate u !! and gt sumppl snatch my taxi that day, i dun care what reason the ppl had ! but thats mine ! stupid ! but nvm, i pity you ! so i give u lo ! no need thank you me ! *sigh. so back here ! There ar just sum picture from my fon ! another else i havent get it ! they decided to give me the photo for the edition ! so i can also post here to share with u =)

Outfit of the day =)

Here is us ! We love each other much =)

Here is Kah wing ! xD

Bernice & Suki =)

After the photography ! we went to Louyat for our breakfast and lunch ! u know what ? Is Sushi King, my favourite ! miss it very much now :p i wanna eat sushi sushi sushi !! if you can walk pls come infront of me ! i m going to eat u =D

School Look ! i know i m not pretty !

Come to Sunday ! heading to IOI mall with sister and mother ! just a simple shopping ! the time pass faster when i having fun ! lol !

T from F.O.S ! tweety love junk food !! =)

Here is sum song ! my friend introduce to me ! and i share with you =)

Monday, August 8, 2011

How deep is your love ♥

Hey guys !! i m here to blog again !! :)) today i m going to blog about last friday !! yes, i m absent to school. bcoz of lazy again !! i am damn lazy ok ?? so i hang out with my boy :)) hehe !! i m wearing skirt !! is long skirt lo. wow. new look !! hehe !! i like !! not bad lo :) and the hat that my babes gift to me on my birthday !! bt it is too big for me. so i super like my outfit that day. we went to Sing K at CEO. hoho :) after that went to pavillion for shopping !! And realize that level 6 just start a tokyo street !! it is very nice !! sell a lot of japan's thing .. really nice :)) bt i didnt capture any picture, bcoz of i m enjoying the food and things !! hahahahaha !! so lets c the pic !! :))

My outfit today !! :)
new look =D

This is share tea :))
location : Sungai wang !! LG floor

Not bad !! can try it :)

this is Lychee De Coco Fruit Tea !!

Here is me and my boy !!
Heart You... :)