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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can't wait for Sunday =)

hey everyone. i like this song very much =) the melody is nice. our school is giving us the lyrics and sing together when perhimpunan. this is LAGU SATU MALAYSIA. try to listen. it is very nice. i din cheat u all. hahahahaha =D so i wan to show off again. bout my boy is going to Melaka with my family this Sunday. i m excited =) wait for my picture that i capture with my boy at Melaka. I m coughing nw. hope i can recover faster. coz i m prepare for eating many things at Melaka. hoho xD Dun jealous xP lol. haha.

so end for my blog today. i just wan share with u guys this video. So gud night and bye-bye =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hang Out ♥

Is a perfect Sunday. I wait up at 11am. Super lazy lo me xD after that went out eat lunch with my family. And hang out with my mum and my sis and my sis bf =D We both have a nice day. And a tired day =.= We went for a movie "A Chinese Ghost Story" . After that we went for shopping. I bought a long pans and a long sleeve clothing. And the last. I have a perfect dinner at Lowyat Sushi King with my mum and my boy and my sis and my sis bf =) woots, i'm kinda happy and feel crazy about it. It is the 1st time my boy eat with my mum =.= oppps. When we both reach home. my mum ask me. "happy hor ??" =.= wat a childish mum xD

My Outfit Today

This is the movie i watch today. I like it =)

The long pans from Kitschen.
The long sleeve clothing from somewhere =.=

Just finish my homework and mask. So is time to slp now. gud nitexx everyone =) Bye-bye =D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have u see it before ?

Hey guys. today i would like to share with you, a giant mango and my thursday with my babes =) thursday, our class 5 Akru got 2 experiment need to do. so we went to science lab. when teacher buzy about the materials and copy the answer on the whiteboard. She is no time to care about us. so, i decide to .......... capture pic with my babes. hoho. next, is my perfect friday. went to my boy house after school n tuition class. watching tv untill nite. then bought some snacks and burger for our supper. after that, we wait my boy's mother back, to eat the giant mango xP i got sum picture here. lets c =)

This is the giant mango that i didn't eat before . wow
It is not a papaya. it is really a mango. pls dun confuse about it xD

The pic of Sherin.Foo and Mango =.= haha. xD

The colour is bright. cant wait. must eat it nw xP
and it is bigger than the plate =.=

So, my boy is sciling it for us .
it is nice. very very nice. i miss it.

So, here is the picture of science lab with babes =) Enjoy it. i'm being the camera girl from start to end. so it is not include me in the pic xD just take by me =)

Here is our sexy legs =.= is it ? xD
Baby Suki and Sherin.Foo

She is very happy that i take pic for her xD
Baby Suki

Bernice Lew
My babes here.

Baby Suki pls dun be scare . Our mum ar here.
rite mealynn ?? xD

this is wat i wan to share with u all. Bye-bye

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I will "cherish" our friendship forever n ever ♥

Hi guys. its me again =) Sherin.Foo here. New pic taken by bernice. Location is our school library. hoho. actually we ar having our moral class at library. but teacher didn't come. so, its our time now. we decide to take pic. so, we ar using bernice's phone to capture all this. especially this xD a single pic didn't take with them. i like this. thanks bernice =)

Sherin.Foo with Baby Suki =)
Sherin.Foo with Bernice =)

Bernice with Baby Suki

Kiss u. Let u know how much that i love u. Babes =)


Do u and u still remember when we met each other? Do u and u still remember when primary school wat looks am i? Do u and u still remember when we become best friend? Do u and u will forget me after high school? Do u and u will miss me when we studying at the different college? Do u and u will giggle when thinking me? Do u and u wish me to become ur best friend forever? Maybe sometimes we'll fight, but our hearts still love each other much. No matter, how our life before, but from now on, i wish u and u to be my best friend forever and ever. so, will u? will u? i wish u and u will love me like i love u and u this much =) i hope that can be the one of ur and ur best freind that u and u cant lost. ( opppsss. my broken eng again =.=)

I will 'Cherish' our friendship forever n ever =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anniversary With You =)

Hi people. Today is our anniversary . hope we an together long n long long time xP hoho. i love u =) muackxx. 4/17. i will ry to become a perfect girlfriend. i will try to learn the thing tat can help u do many things. i know sumtimes i m really useless =.= i will try to be serious to do n settle thing. dun always scold me xP sorry la xD so. we didnt go whr to celebrate our anniversary. bcoz today my boy gt work =) so i bake a simple cake for him. its my first time bake a cake =.= lucky that he say it is nice =.= huh ~~ so at the last. happy anniversary to us =) enjoy the video that i share with u all guys =)

i love this song very very much =) i m learning to sing this. hoho. i know the first sntences . I Ma So Ku Anata No Mune Nimo Dorerunara. it is a super nice song. i like her. Jamosa. Just Like my fren say. She is a perfect singer. i love her voice.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love this so much =)

hi people =) the video of today . i love this song. actually nth to say . i just wan to share this video with u all =)
tats all . bye bye !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Share ♥

I super love this song . By Justin bieber . my sweetie favorites . so i tag her in facebook xD she say she like this video . it is very nice . so i share to u all =) enjoy it guys .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's To Eveyone =)

Hey Hey everyone =) i had a nice april fool's day . do u ? i hang out with my boy on yesterday . we went to time square to get my converse shoes . bt he say it is nt suit for me . so i bought another shoes . bt i forget to capture it . n i left it at my boy house . so next time onli show u all my new shoes =) so we went to pavillion to have our lunch . my boy bring me to a new restaurant tat i never try before . it is MARUTAMA . is a place to eat ramen =) after tat we have a cup of taiwan mango QQ by chatime =) n then went to sungai wang to buy playboy perfume . me n my boy also get 1 of it . i really like it . so he buy it to me =) thx my boy . i love u so much =) so let c the pic .

hello . its my new look with contact lens =)

Marutama Ra-Men

This is mine : vegetables ramen with spicy =)

I dunno wats my boy order xP
sorry . bt it is nice =)
n it is non-spicy

Chatime =)

PlayBoy perfume =)

i love the smell .

so . maybe it was just a boring life to u . but it is enuff for me =)
so . i finish my blog for today . Ta-da =)