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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Road Run Day ♥ 26.2.2011

26.2.2011 is road run day xP i have a nice memories with u all =)) u all are nice . i dun wish to lost u all =) n thx my dear . accompany me to attend road run . wake up with me early . finish the long road today . have our breakfast at dim sum restaurant =) i love u so much . more than words can say . so hw can i tak love u ?? =) so let us c the pic xDDD lot of funny pic n ugly pic =.=

nice =)
i m 2017 . our numbers start fomr 2116 to 2122 =))
2116 is mei fun , 2117 is me , 2118 is jing munn , 2119 is hai shan ,
2120 is wen yii , 2121 is wen xin , 2022 is ashley =)
is it very weird ?? whr is bernice ??
hahax xDDD let me tell u ...
she is going to save ?? help ?? ppl xDDD
so din join us

which stupid guy capture this ??
u know its ugly ??
especially me =.=

erm ... us =))

our champion here =))
tang mei funn xDDD
so we put a yeah finger for her xP

This is funny =.=
coz dunno y i will c at the camera n smile
like a silly girl . n i m fat =.=

Me, Meifun, Ashley =)

Jing Munn, Wen Xin, Meifun , Me
Im ugly . i know =.=

Jing Munn , Me, Meifun =))

I dunno hw to describe this pic =.=
so ... next pls xDDD

Im stupid =.=

Y i so fat 1 ??

This most funny =))
i turn back then yeah then hai shan captured =.=
me with my dear =.=
i become stupid again xDDD

I dun like u . u know ?? i can't shout in front of u . so i shout at here xDDD pls dun ask me who . gt some of my babies sure know who i m talking about =) so . just be silent xD shhh ... exam is cuming . start from 2/3 untill 8/3 . five days . so i need to study hard n hard . although this is the first exam . bt important to me also . i must win that ppl =)) u know ?? xDDD bt i sure will . coz she din listen to teacher . ponteng always . always 881 . so , gud =) this i adi win her . bt nt enuff . my result must better then her . come on sherin . cheer up . u must do it =)) add oil to myself =)

anoter thing share with u all . is a bad news . n it shock everyppl . a stupid teacher ?? indecent 11 students . Is a Man . indecent 11 girls . ok ?? get it . it is our sch teacher n our sch students . wat a scandal thing =.= the teacher them wan to feel their heartbeat . actually is he wan to touch their chest . n then he say wan to check whether they gt bring fon to sch . actually is wan to touch their thigh . wat a hamsap lou ?? this kind of "teacher" dunno hw to say him . gv us a big surprise xDD so maybe tmr we gt movie cn c xDDD

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I m happy n happy right nw =))

Hey everyone . =)) i m super duper triple happy nw . bcoz of my cuties pooh bear . i exchange it at guardian with 25 stamps n RM39.90 . =)) i pay it myself . thx a lot my mum n my dear . buy everything at guardian just for the stamps to let me get the pooh =)) really thx a lot . make me happy =)) n i wan to share a funny thing with u all guys xDDD its really funny xP the receptionist say that my pooh bear is po-oh bear =.= she help me seperate my pooh bear name =.= really feel wan to beat her xP hahax xDDD

This is my sch looks =))
for this year . actually i m still the same style .
i m lazy to chg my style n scare chg adi will be more ugly ><

This is my po-oh bear =.=

This is my oral test =))
The cigarettes make by myself xP

This is InnerShine . i m just starting to use this .
c whether it is works or not =))
i will let u all know after this =))
bt it taste gud . i like the favourite .

C my pooh bear =))
Cute is it ?? xP

When it is in box xDDD

Tmr start my sch life again . it is going to having the first exam . n i m really nervous . i must get better than her =)) i wont lose to her this year . she is not my opponent this year =)) yes . she's not xDDD

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's to everyone =)) its bloggie time again . i m lazy to post up everything to this blog =.= but nvm . i m hardworking nw . just finish edit the pic when 14/2 .it is monday today . i m having class untill 1.45pm . after that i hang out with my lovely dear . We having our dinner i think at jogoya =)) from 5pm to 7pm . actually is untill 9.30pm d . but my dear didnt make booking early so we must finish before 7pm =)) i have full surprise n hapiness on that day . hehe . lets c the pic that bout me n he =)

my dear is kinda cute in this pic =))

Jogaya prepare for us =))
Valentine's strawberry cake =D

Coconut drinks again =))
taste sweet . i like it =)

Salmon, Kanikama, Kanikama Maki and those i dunno =.=
bcoz it takes by dear xP

Is it these call Oysters ??!

Steamboat with tomyam soup =))

nice . doesnt it ?? =))
can't wait for eating xP

Dun c this soup black black gam .
actually it taste sweet xP
it is 老火汤 . Is suit for girl =))

This is Xiu Mai =))

Steameggs n dunno wat is tat .
my dear takes again xP

This is 糯米鸡 . nt nice .
i dun like . when u eating .
is the same feel with u ar eating sugar gam =.=
sticky sticky ><

Tis is korean Fish . nt nice also =.=
it taste same as Sardin fish . yuckss .

After that . we have sum dessert xP

yummy xP .

Hot White Chocalate xP
After Jogoya . me n dear went to Pavillion
sitting at coffee beans having a cup of chocalate xDDD

After that . my dear suggest to me that my favourite thing xDD
Sing K . woots . then he cheat me that his customer wan to meet him
actually . he went back to starhill to buy the sunflower for me xDDD
its nice . sunflower smile on me =)) cute wat ??!
thx my dear . i love it so much =))
From - Armani xP

This is wat u gv me when haven't gv me the sunflower xP
i like also =)) Roses xP

Thx a lot my dear . u gave me a great day . i wont forget it =)) Love You <3

Friday, February 11, 2011

The trip of us : 年初四 =)

Woohoo . wake up early in the morning n have my breakfast . then we start going to penang =) hotel names : bayview =) nice place also . 5 start hotel =) when we reach there onli 2pm . we need to sit at thr waiting for 1 hour onli cn check in . then let the picures do the talks =)

My looks today =)
New london xDDD
Special lift ?? xDDD

Nice =)

Turtles =)

c clearly . u will know the meaning of it =)

After check in . then we have a nap in our room . when nite we 5pm or 6pm we go out for dinner n shooping =) actually we wan watch 天天好天 in cinema . btt its full booking . need to wait 12am sumtthing =.= so we back hotel early n slp early for tmr =)) stay tunned . tmr more nice xDDD

The trip of us : 年初三 =)

I m rajn today . coz i wake up at 7.30am =) woots . really early . bcoz of my breakfast n the beach =) after having breakfast we wentt for the lovely beach =)) wow ... its really nice . let the pictures do the talks =))

i love beach =)

Here is me =)

i love =)

nice feel =))

Then we went for SPA =)) xDDD i like it i like it . first time having SPA . i didnt try it b4 =) gt sauna . milk bath . massage =) when she massaging my leg =.= i keep laugh coz i really cant tahan xDDD so funny ... =))

it is nice ?? the view ??

Steamboat =)

Swiss garden gt a weak point . its many mosquito at nite =.= i hate mosquito . so when eating steanboat . me n my father also cant sit properly . bcoz the msquito keep flying beside us . =.= oh yeah . tmr we ar going to penang adi =)) stay tunned for it xDDD

The trip of us : 年初二 =)

Today we hang out for our trip =) 5 days trip . 2 location . it is Damai Laut n Penang =) Today wake up early for packs my things n arrange to car . then we have 點心 as our breakfast at ampang thr =) then we onli start the 5 journey =) i miss my dear . yea . bt i more miss the time with my family =) although cn c them everyday . bt we less chat . bcoz my mum n dad back very late everyday . n my sis live in hostel . so i miss the time with my family . then nw let the pictures do the talks =))

My looks today =))

My sis ugly post =))
with her manchester united sheet =.=

When 3pm sumthing . we finally reach the hotel . names Swiss Garden =)) is a nice relax place =) we having spa when tmr =)) yea .. its reallyy nice =)) then we having a nice dinner in the chinese restaurant =))

Swiss Garden =)

My sis n My dad =)

wat a nice ... ham dan wong =))

Fish ... yumms ...

Longan =)) miss it =))

Hope that everryday . we also cn haing dinner together =) i love u all much much =) dun forge it .