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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Sunday =)

Hi everyone =) its bloggie time today . 今天我要用华语 xD 我会用华语是因为 . 我的英文不好 . 所以 , 就用华语好了 xP 今天八点早上起床 . 准备去富贵山庄看我的婆婆 . 我很乖 xP 折了很多钱给我婆婆 . 所以 , 看照片吧 =) 本来是还有一个短篇的 . 可是录得很失败 . 所以还是算了 . =)

我和我妹妹 Sephiria =)

多漂亮 . 婆婆一定喜欢 =)

还有放炮 . 是这样写吗 ?
好久没写了 . 忘了 xD

这张我喜欢 . 很有感觉 xP
粉红色有时也不错 =)

我们差不多11点多就回家了 . 回家冲了凉 . 换了身衣服 . 就跟妈妈和爸爸出去 shopping . 地点是 Mid Valle =) 哈哈 .

My outfit today =)

今天很愉快 . 也非常地累 . 所以 ,要早一点睡咯 . 晚安 . bye-bye =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's can do now ?! ♥

All Star Stonewashed Canvas

i wish to get one for myself =) y i choose black colour ? because it is easy to match with my outfit xD so i think i will get it before May . xD i m excited =.= because i m "out" . erm . ? wat i m saying . the reason i wan to get this is because of ?! Syok =) it is suit for me ? got some friend say it is no suit for me . really ? i m very welcome for your comment =)

now already 10pm nite . still doesn't feel sleepy . so decide to do my homeworks now . and study a bit . i study ?! shock rite ? if people who knew me . Among their impression . i m a lazy girl that won't care about my marks of examination . rite friends ? xD hmmm . if i gt a significant changes . what kind of resppnd your guys would ?! xD Must be shock rite ? har ? y sherin can get high marks in this examination 1 ?! must tiru 1 lo . is it ? xD sure somebody will . xD

So, from now on i want to make a timetable for myself xD need to add oil to chase some people =) especially english and bahasa malaysia . my english is poor . need to "updated" my knowledge from now on xP

So , finish my blog today . bye-bye =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

18/3/2011 : 11 months 1 day =)

Hi everyone . it's bloggie time again . i m sad . bcoz my holiday going to end . and i wan to start my sch lessons again . i m kinda lazy to learn the new lessons . bcoz it become hard n hard . so i scare my result will turn worst . >< haixx . so back to the topic . is a nice day for me again . =) bcoz with u =) my dear . so let us c wat so gud today . i wan to share with u all . lets c =)

i m kinda free when being in his house .
so i decide .... to ply my new glasses xP

Sure he need to join with me xD

Smile =)

So . at the boring night . we bought KFC for dinner yesterday =) yum yum . so nice =) then we ply the ear candle =) my dear bought this from his fren . it is really use . i like it . so c the pic xP

Here is my blue colour ear candle =)

i m the first who doing this xD

so the second is pui xin . =)
she is having her purple colour ear candle .

N last is my dear =)
he is having his brown ear candle .

so u c . hw much tat i love him xP

actually i gt capture the result . bt it is too " worst " so i didnt post up xDD . it really works . so u all can buy it . this is wat i wan to share with u all today =) bye .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14/3/2011 : A day with Baby Suki =)

Hang out again . suddenly gt feel wan hang out with sweetie . =) n sing k till syok =) so i have a nice day with her also =) so let c the pic .

Ignore my face pls =)
here is my outfit today =D

So we went to fahrenheit for sing k . at CEO . it was a nice place =) n not so expensive on tat day morning . onli 18++ per person . so we ok . n a high class place . i wont go for neway n greenbox again . sry neway . xP i love here . much n much . nice service =) Here is the pic =)

Just like this for today . so bye bye =)

11/3/2011 A nice day For ME =)

Is bloggie time again =) hi everyone . long time no updated my blog . bcoz i m kinda lazy xP i got tuition this n that . so . late onli updated xP so . back to the topic . Is last friday . i hav a great day with my classmate =) we take a lot of pic in library . bcoz it is less ppl today =) n teacher is marking our exam ppl . n our teacher dun care . just wan us be silent =) nice moral teacher wat ? we like her much =) she treat us like her fren . always talk jokes with us . n call us leng zai leng lui xD we love her =) so let c the pic =) is my sch looks xP

Is Me n Suki =)

Is Me N Bernice =)

Sweetie Again =)

Blek . ugly or not ?? xD

This is learn from XXL xP
shhh ...

Suki n Bernice =)

I dunno wat pose is this .
just follow our "feel" to put this pose xP

Yeah . Man =D

We gt a big muscle . dun jealous pls =P

When tuiton . i make this . so free xD

After tuition . i back home prepare my thing . bcoz need to go bf house . =) b4 say wan to shopping . bt he adi call ppl go his house to make the water heater for me =) he love me . much n much . i know =) he know i cant endure the cool water . so finally he buy it for me xP i love him too . then at the nite . we didnt went to pasar malam . we went to kaki corner have our dinner . with his sis n his mum =) let c the pic =)

Here is the menu =)

c my handsome dear =)

Our new PDI shirt =)
I hate pink . bt is nice for us xP

Facebook profile picture =)
i like this xP

Her is his sis =)

Is kinda Big xD

Sherin.Foo here =)

Us =)

Y u close ur eyes ? my dear ?

I Love You =)

Yiiii . nice xD

What problem i got ?? xD

Chatting with who ?? xD
i know . is ur aunty xP

Erm . this photo actually very nice 1 .
is his fon make he looks like ghost =.=

so . this is my great day =) this is enuff for me to happy whole day =) i love my sweetie . my classmate . my bf . my frens =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love You ♥

Hi everyone . Just finish my exam today . Feel Tired . Finally , gt time to updated my blog =) last friday hang out with my dear =)) get a new sembonia handbag n my dear bought a new shoes from sembonia also =)) nice wat ?! i like it =) so . let us c the pic =))

Dunno when capture this =.=
But looks like still ok wat ?! xP

My Outfit Last Friday =)
Hw is it ?? =)

My Dear Shoes =D
Nice is it ??!

When 11pm we went to pavillion .
have our supper at Weissbrau =))
Is a nice BISTRO &BAR =)

Nice =)
I really like this place ... =D

A lot of tasty snacks ... yum yum ~~

Actually i wish to drink beer with my dear =)
Never try with him before .
bt he say dunwan =.=

Concentrade On Menu xP

Fatty Dear xD

Italian Pizza With Honey ham =)
Nice xP

Nice also .

Love <3

This is me xP

Before Sleep xP

Us xP

Y dun let me kiss u ??!!

Kiss Ur Chubby Face xP

Nw cn relax 1 week . bcoz finish my first exam . the second exam will be at april or may . just guess . still dunno when . lazy to tuition xD lazy to do revision . so this time my exam marks will be "teruk" . tau "teruk" ?? xDD hate it la . bt i m lazy haixx . bo bian xP

谭杰希 . i love to listen ur song . c ur face . when u singing english song . more cute xP