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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hallllllo,i'm here to post about my school graduation day. It was held at Dewan MPAJ. wake up early in the morning, early than the time i went to school. My lovely come to my house early too. She needed me to help her to set up her hair and make up. Wr reached there at 7am. Register and get our breakfast, had our seat.i get the picture, let see some picture of the day.

Finally, i graduated !!

the teachers,

The girls,

The Babes,

The boys,

After the graduation, we back to school to have our jamuan. Here is us.

Stop here. =)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random !! ♥

Hello, everyone =) today i going to post about Monday that i hang out with my boy's sister. Sing k and shopping =D It was fun :P Oh my god. today is 20/10/2011. 25 days left, i am going to have my examination !! nervous nervous. can anyone tell me !! how i going to make myself crazy for books ?? Although my brain wan to study, but my body dun let me study. i m so so so lazy !! :P Let c  come picture !! just a random post today =)

Outfit of Monday =)
I like this =D
And come to today, i m going to my mummy and daddy's shop. Plying with my sis thr. Hahahaha. and capture some picture !!

This is me, and me !! when i m six !! and now i m seventeen !!

And this is my younger sis !! sister forever !! i love u =)
Enjoy this song without see-ing at the MV !!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Logos Hope

Hello, today i m going to post about the Logos Hope !! At Port Klang !! Hehehe !! The first time i held in a big ship =.= !! So happy and excited !! The fees of adult is only RM 1. And the child is no need to paid. I went there with my bf's sister, mummy and aunty. OMG !! alot of child !! need take are of them also no time to capture picture !! haha xD

Here is it , Logos Hope !! WELCOME ON BOARD =)

Acutally not so big !! And not so intresting !! is kind of wasting time and money !! bcoz the things here is really expensive !! And we just bring the child on board !! they ar happy =.=  !! This is the child !! Haha !!

Hello, captain xD
Here is the cafe !! wow !! really alot of ppl !! i think this is not intresting but i think others not think like this !!  Hoho

The child ar eating ice-cream same like us !! so didnt kacau us !! xD hehe

The last picture on board !!
Night view !! more nice =))
Panda with her bf ,Oscar :P
Say bye be and goodnight to Logos Hope and Port Klang !! =(
So, this is my SATURDAY !! =)
Enjoy song =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

With HIM ♥

Hello people !! i have been(counting) around 1 week didn't update my blog(i think). So, today i going to post about, Undang day with my boy. ok, undang is a damn boring thing and wasting my time. OMG !! i had spent 1 day on it. and maybe Sunday i will having undang exam. i want to get my license in this month. can or not i also dunno !! i wan to finish it before SPM ! We wake up in the morning ! Having breakfast at Taman Muda ! after that wait uncle fetch us to the place ! And start the khusus ! My boy is plying game when the teacher is teaching. i wan to watch movie also. but we ar sitting in front !! hoho !! We got break at 2.30 something and get back there after 1 hour !! Boring Boring Boring la !! After the khusus ! We back to Taman Muda to have our dinner, KFC ! hahahaha, i really can't control myself to eat this rubbish food ! OMG ! sure fat ady :P Hehe, let u all see some picture =D

This is me =)
With my boy :D
Music of the day  :) Enjoy it