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Friday, May 18, 2012

Short post =)

Hello everyone, i had been a long time didn't update my blog. Month of May am busy for my college problem. I am late for register, so am rush. And am work on April. Everything change too fast. I'm still not in it. So now, i am studying in Berjaya Universiti College of Hospitality. Programme is Diploma In Event Management. So now, am busying for study, for my assignment, for improve my eng, speaking, grammar, writing, all what i need is improve, improve and improve. Alot of things i gonna to do. And it is MUST. And i need to find a part-time job when my studies stable. There are still a long distance for me to achieve my goal. OMG.

And i had cut off my hair. Alot of ppl said that short is better than long, for me also. More easy to care, and look young, and cute :P haha. i should cut it early.

My class is from Monday to Friday, sometime the lecture will change the class or cancel it. And not all of my lecturers good in teaching and speaking. Got some of the lecturers made me feel sleepy when she/he teaching.

The new ipad "we" get, using "we" is because all of my family members are sharing this ipad xD haha. My mum, younger sis and me is to play games. And my elder sis is to work.

So end of today, am still need to do my assingment.
Enjoy song here =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The day with my girl ♥

Monday, day with my girls =)
Today is the day with my girls, i spend whole day with them. Morning am going shopping with my honey, Ashley =). She came to fetch me on afternoon. Hehe. And i get some stuff on that day. At the night we going to STEAMBOAT together. Hehe. We 8 girls together again =) Appreciate and love them =D

She is my honey,Ashley =) and she is now in a bad mood. But i wish she know that I love her =) And i know how to appreciate our relationship. Ashley Soo, listen clearly, REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU SO. I am here for you. TAU ?? =) muackss
What i get on that day, Puma tee and Vans tee =)
And, they are my girls. Have a look =D

Enjoy the song, my big bang here

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello, i am long time didn't update my blog. I am working now. 10am to 10pm... Is no time to let me do those thing... i can't sleep more than 8 hours... i can't always online. i can't always out. i can't do alot alot of thing. And i'm just got 1 day per week. So, if i can accompany my boy, means can't accompany my friend. Haixx. And, i had change my phone. I'm using iphone 4s now. And i love he cover very much. This is what my boy bought for me. And the home screen sticker. I get it also, it is winnie the pooh also =) Thanks my boy, i love u so much =)

How about my SPM result ?? Haha, i just can say. I am not really care about it. I won't sad about my result. I got 5 credit. "ok ok lo" for me. Actually today i take leave at 6pm. But i dunno the education fair in Midvelly is over by 6pm. *SHIT @@ angry... But nvm,i can search it on internet also =)

So i just stop here, not much thing to post about.
Enjoy some song here =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work mood, OFF !!

Hello, everyone. Long time didn't update my blog ady... Because i am i am working now. Working full time. Today off, so i am free to update now. Nothing special, just a short post today =) I jsut can say, i wish to be a child now =.= Work is reallt freaking tired !!! Let see some picture now =)

She is my workmate + new friend, Diana Ong =)

When we are boring... We did this :P

u can see my tired face... Especially my panda eyes :(

(From left to right) First is my boss, Kim ;P Second is me and third is Diana =) Second pic, first is me, Second is Ivy, my workmate and new friend also =D

Enjoy some new song =)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Outfit of the day, Dress from online shop, LV bag, necklace is my valentine's present from Lazo Diamond, bracelet from F Block =)
U know what ? The girls are always using the hours to dress herself up. So, when i am preparing, u know what my boy do to pass the time ?? Let's c

He was done prepared and playing moxiang !! *Sigh The boys....

Hello everyone, yesterday was valentines day, i had a wonderful, adorable, gorgeous, fantastic valetine's =O Although i am not the most special's girl in the world, but i am the most special's girl in his world =) Like usual. We went to Pavillion, Sungai Wang and Fahrenheit 88. First, we went to BBQ Plaza, Sungai Wang to having our lunch.

Yes, my boy bring me to try this =) The valentine's lovely set !!
After eating, we went to Pavillion for buy the "wedding diary" ticket, but it's too late. Haha. U know right ?? every couple going to watch this movie. The ticket was selling fast from morning to night. If we wan to watch the movie need to wait after 12am ++ *Sigh. Why don't i book the ticket early ?? So, we had change our plan. We went for shopping to passing the time. I get 2 cloth from Forever 21. Thanks boy for paying the money :P In front of Forever 21 got a small shop is selling ice-cream, beside the escalator.

Named. Gelatomio. Traditional italian ice-cream.
This is Gelatomio on the rock. It was just 23. Not very expensive. It is enuff for two person. I get full after eating this, I can't finish if without my boy helping. *Laugh. This is very nice. I can get two flavour of ice-cream and two toping. The white and black is chocolate. White is white chocolate. Black is Dark chocolate =) u can try it next time.

We keep shopping and going here to there untill night, untill we are hungry, you know where my boy bring me to ? To having our dinner. My boy bring me to The Ship, Jalan Bukit Bintang. I am sooooo happyyyyy. You know what ? We need to queue up for waiting the seats. There was alot of people. After the dinner, when I leave i can also c the people's was waiting there. But The Ship was very nice, good service, and nice food =) We are taking their Valentine's set also :P

I will went there again =)
Here is the present he gift to me and I gift to him. Left hand side, Necklace, He bought it at Lazo Diamond. Right hand side was what i gift to him, that is just the handmade starts from me. Yes, it was just a cheap thing. But each stars means the LOVE for him. These star is not easy to made it. I need measure the length and width for it. Need cut it by scissors. Need to arrange the colou, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Hehe. Hope u like it My Boy =) 
The last,

the picture of us =)
This was my Valentine's day, how about u ?? is it nice also ??
Here had some sweet sweet song =) Enjoy ya !! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cny Trip fourth day and last day !!

Hello !!going to post about CNY trip fourth day and last day.Wake up in ther morning. Having breakfast in hotel. Then start to went to Melaka for visit my father's aunty. Hehe.Going to post the picture now =)

Good morning !! LV BAG. Dress from online shop, Converse =) 

After the few hours, reached Melaka. The first station,

Jonker Street.

tie up my hair !! going to walk around =)
At the night, we went to Dataran Pahlawan. Hehe.

Shopping here at night !! =)

Shirt i bought at jonker walk, Longchamp, Shoes get from time square =)

With my sis =)

And the last day, no picture !! lazy !! hahaha !!
And the most important thing is, in the whole journey, i didnt make up before. wahahaha. super lazy :P
Song of the day =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CNY Trip Third Day : JOHOR

Hello, going to blog about the third day of CNY trip. Wake up in the morning. Going to eat the seafood for our breakfast. Coz we ar rushing to JOHOR after the breakfast. We ar going to my dad's brother-in-law house. Long time didn't meet him. He is now 69 years old. but but but, he still look young and strong. He jogging every morning and good in badminton !! if got time i need him to teach me badminton. Haha. Let c the picture =)

Outfit of the day, Dress i dunno get it from where. LV bag, and converse =)

This restaurant is famous in Kuantan !! Named PAK SU !! u can try it too =)

My breakfast =D

The sea view =)

ignore my messy hair !! i like my outfit =D

After the hours, We reach our hotel. Prime city hotel =)
Happy New Year everyone =)


Finish of the day =D stay tunned for day 4 and 5 !! Going to post up soon.
Going to play mahjong now !! my mum suddenly said this =D
Here is the music of the day

Thursday, February 2, 2012

CNY Trip Second Day !!

Hello people. Today i'm going to post about Kuantan trip day 2. I'm stay in Kuantan for 3 days two night. Today, we went to shopping centre for whole day. We wake up in the morning, just for the breakfast at hotel, and we playing the mahjong after the breakfast. I am gambler. hahaha. So, when the CNY is coming, We will sit together and gamble :P Today just a short post. In the shopping centre nothing can post about. Lets c =)

I forget top from whr. Bottom is, short pans from nichii and sockings from Forever 21.LV bags and Converse for my outfit of the day =)

When afternoon, we ar heading to EAST COAST MALL for lunch and Shopping. Hahaha.
So, we spend whole day in the shopping center. Nothing to post about. Stay tunned for third day. We ar heading to Johor soon :P
Here is the songs =)

CNY Trip First Day !!

Hello, i know i long time didn't update my blog. I'm busying the trip and something about my uncle =) He had pass away. And the things we can do for him ady done !! so nothing we can help ady. Ok, dun say about the bad things. Back to the topic.I'm heading to three place at CNY for 5 days. I'm going to Kuantan, Johor and Melaka. So, let me post for the first day. Wake up in the morning. Having dim sum at Pandan Indah. Lets c the pictures =D

Outfit of the day. Top from online shop. Leggings from Uni Qlo, Bag is Longchamp, shoes is Converse. 

The family members, i'm sitting at the back, because i'm going to sleep. The journey will go for 3-4 hours.

They accompany me the whole journey :P

Hehe, Finish eating. Finish take picture, It's time to sleep xD

Reached resort. C my look, u will know i m winnie the pooh lover :P

 Eastern Pavillion =D

A Chalet my daddy book !! so nice =D i love her very much !! really dun wish to back after came here :P after view my blog u will knew it why, and u will wish to went there also :D

The view =)

It's me :)

We stay in the Kedah Pavillion :)

This is the room. Another room beside this. And and and, the most important is.........
The private swimming pool, hehehe, so happy can get this private pool. So nice and clean =)

Can;t wait for jump into the pool. Hahah. Lucky that i got bring my swimsuit =D

And the whole family member ar playing in the swimming pool. Happy =)

After the "intense exercise". We out for dinner =)
With my sister
Hungry Hungry Hungry !!



After the dinner we went to beach for jogging... Nice view =)

Finish the first day =) Will update next post soon !!
Enjoy music Here.
It will be miracle, when you believe =)