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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Christmas Present ♥

Hello, today is the last day of 2011. And i going to stay alone at house. *sigh. My sweetie got their activities. So i am not going out today. Whr is my bf ? ya. he is working. He promised me will bring me to Sunway next week. Yesterday was Friday. I am staying at his house, and get my Christmas present, hahaha. He get mine too. Going to show you what he gift to me. And what i gift to him =D

Guess what? This is the present that i gift for him. Blue for him, Pink for me. I made it at Puchong. =)

Is a tiny photo album =D the tiny photo album was full of our memories !! Hope you like it my boy =)

Guess what is inside ?? Sports Shoes ?? NO, no, no.
It was a sunglasses from coach !! Haha !! So happy to get this. Thanks my boy. I LOVE YOU !!
Limited edition !!!!

Ta Da... I love it so much !!

At the last, Welcome 2012. Happy New Year to you my friends =) Good Night !!
Song of The Day, 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry merry christmas !!

Hey guys, today i going to post about my Friday, Saturday and today. Friday is the day my sister,Jess went to Taiwan found his boyfriend, she is going to back on jan 1 of 2012. So, her time on board is 9 sumthing. We gonna to wake up at the 6am in the morning to went to the airport. OMG. I'm freaking tired in the morning. So, c the picture.

Outfit of the day, Top is singlet, short pans from nichii and shoes, converse.
Having our breackfast at the airport. Marrybrown.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! :)
Thats all, Bye bye sis, Jess. We are waiting you to come back with our souvenir. Haha

Come to Saturday, at the night outing with the sweetie, Bernice and Mich. Heading to Leisure Mall to watch the movie, Alvin and the chipmunks 3. Actually, we are going to sing k. But the k room is full of book. So, no choice. =( But the movie nice too. The chipmunks are cute... Small, intelligent, Good in singing and dancing. Haha. Picture is here.

Us. Mich, Bernice and Me

Mich and Bernice

Me and Bernice

And lastly me with pretty Mich =)

Okay, Come to today. Use a word to describe the day "boring". Yes, i didn't date by any people on today,included my boy. He is busying for work. And my family didn't said want to went out too. So, i stay at home for the whole day. Just now went out for dinner. And plying my computer all of the day. Boring, boring and boring. Pity me. OMG. The girls are outing with their boyfriend in this merry chritmas. I'm jealous. So sad. I wish i will be date too. But actually not. So, finish here.
Merry merry christmas to u guys, wish you had a happy christmas day. Good Night. =)

The song of the day,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sing sing sing !!

Hello freinds, today i am going to blog about tuesday and wednesday. I am outing with my sis, Jess and Sephiria on tuesday. Out for sing k. My sis, Jess had a nice ahir cut on that day, and and and, finally i get my converse. OMG *sigh. How long i find it, i also not remeber. Im so happy that i get it now =) So, let the picture do the talks =)

Good morning world =) we ar going 9 sumthing in the morning. and i need to wake up at 8 sumthing to prepare. yeah. quite early. Because my sis wan back before 3pm. So we going to rush. Luckly that we ar going back before the time =)
Sister, Sephiria.
Sister, Jess
She is talking actually, but nice shoot xD
I wanna sing a song for you, sing for my soul ;)
At last, deng deng deng deng, CONVERSE here.

Come to Wednesday, ya, is today. Wake up in the morning 10pm. Went to Puchong to have nail painting. I love the decorate of her shop. NICE, CLEAN, and WHITE. hahaha. I think all of the girls will love it too. So lets c my nail painting =)

Here is hand =)
Here is foot =)
At the night, me and my sister, Sephiria. made "TANG YUAN" together.
Finally done it. GREEN, RED and WHITE. i wish to have BLUE actually.
This is the "love" shape. I made for myself =D The most special.

End for the day, Good Night =)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Appreciate !!

Hello guys, I am here again ! I decide to post about the last day at sch and the outings with my family. Finally, i get to the college that i wan to study, i decide to start at 2012 March, for full time. Hehe. Study "wedding planner". i will finish this course after 2 months. So now, lets the picture do the talks =)

The last day i back to school,
I back to school for returning the text book. After returning me and my classmate went to Pizza Hut for our lunch.

Me and jacelyn.
Me and Hai Shan =D
With Elaine. Maelynn =)
Not much because i'm leaving after eating. I'm going out with another friends after this.

Last Sunday outing with Family,
Wake up in the morning, went to Puchong for looking over my college. Went to sunway after this =)

Look of the day =)
With my sis.
Daddy with mummy =D
And ,,,,,,
the last day i wore school uniform

And friends,
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Thanks friend =)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Outings =)

Hello my friends, yes, SPM is over, going to start my new life. I wan to dye hair, cut hair, shpping, sing k with my babes =) but before that, let me show u the outings when SPM going !! i'm not a good girl, but also not a bad girl. haha! 

Outing with boy, outfit of the day =)
i'm fat recently =.=
Pavillion =)
Having our dinner at California. It is opening at Farenheit !!
u can go too =) enjoy it =D

Sherin =D

My grandpa birthday, we having our dinner at restaurant. The restaurant that opposite my school. Lets the pictures do the talk.

legging fromm uniqlo, shirt from random, and LV speedy 30.
I love my long hair =D
Smile =)
at the night, went to Viva, chating with bernice. =)

Went out with my boy and the frens for the movie " you are the apple in my eyes". nice movie. i think all of you have been seen.

With my boy =)
The hot weather is killing me !!
And the picture with my loves, bernice =)

Wake up in the morning, went to pavillion for the new year MV, with my loves, bernice, wen xin and hai shan. =) A nice day.

Outfit of the day.
I'm here for dancing =D 
With bernice.

With wen xin.
With the singers =)

With the director.

And with the big boss =D

After dancing, our hair was messy, so went to toilet to tidy up =D

The babes =)

Love my lumix effect xD

Us =)

And The Last,
Went to Genting Highland with my boy and his aunty. Have a nice day. And it was cool, too cool. I can't stay for it. Although i am wearing a scarf, long sleeve, long pans, and a jacket. It was not working !! omg xD And i'm going in to the Casino without checking IC. hahahaha. So syok.

Reached Genting.
Here is me !!
My outfit of the day. Long pans from Kitschen, Long sleeve and the jacket from uniqlo, handbag from treats, and the scarf from Fblock.
Me and my boy, I LOVE HIM. =)
At the end, i wan to post up some song that i addicted !!