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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Outfit of the day, Dress from online shop, LV bag, necklace is my valentine's present from Lazo Diamond, bracelet from F Block =)
U know what ? The girls are always using the hours to dress herself up. So, when i am preparing, u know what my boy do to pass the time ?? Let's c

He was done prepared and playing moxiang !! *Sigh The boys....

Hello everyone, yesterday was valentines day, i had a wonderful, adorable, gorgeous, fantastic valetine's =O Although i am not the most special's girl in the world, but i am the most special's girl in his world =) Like usual. We went to Pavillion, Sungai Wang and Fahrenheit 88. First, we went to BBQ Plaza, Sungai Wang to having our lunch.

Yes, my boy bring me to try this =) The valentine's lovely set !!
After eating, we went to Pavillion for buy the "wedding diary" ticket, but it's too late. Haha. U know right ?? every couple going to watch this movie. The ticket was selling fast from morning to night. If we wan to watch the movie need to wait after 12am ++ *Sigh. Why don't i book the ticket early ?? So, we had change our plan. We went for shopping to passing the time. I get 2 cloth from Forever 21. Thanks boy for paying the money :P In front of Forever 21 got a small shop is selling ice-cream, beside the escalator.

Named. Gelatomio. Traditional italian ice-cream.
This is Gelatomio on the rock. It was just 23. Not very expensive. It is enuff for two person. I get full after eating this, I can't finish if without my boy helping. *Laugh. This is very nice. I can get two flavour of ice-cream and two toping. The white and black is chocolate. White is white chocolate. Black is Dark chocolate =) u can try it next time.

We keep shopping and going here to there untill night, untill we are hungry, you know where my boy bring me to ? To having our dinner. My boy bring me to The Ship, Jalan Bukit Bintang. I am sooooo happyyyyy. You know what ? We need to queue up for waiting the seats. There was alot of people. After the dinner, when I leave i can also c the people's was waiting there. But The Ship was very nice, good service, and nice food =) We are taking their Valentine's set also :P

I will went there again =)
Here is the present he gift to me and I gift to him. Left hand side, Necklace, He bought it at Lazo Diamond. Right hand side was what i gift to him, that is just the handmade starts from me. Yes, it was just a cheap thing. But each stars means the LOVE for him. These star is not easy to made it. I need measure the length and width for it. Need cut it by scissors. Need to arrange the colou, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Hehe. Hope u like it My Boy =) 
The last,

the picture of us =)
This was my Valentine's day, how about u ?? is it nice also ??
Here had some sweet sweet song =) Enjoy ya !! 

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