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Monday, June 27, 2011

School Life ♥

Hohoho ! sharing about my school life ! =) Everyday play and talking jokes with classmates ! nice =) and there ar some picture that i take when chinese class. it was a super boring class. and i forget to bring the exercise book. so sitting thr take picture and talking =.= hehe ! i m a lazy girl. so lets c.

Is my Fatty leg ! xD

Y i become 'botak' =.=

Hehe ! Play play play ! listen to teacher la =D

Wah. u see. suki is paying 100% attention when teacher teacher.
woiyoo xD

Lai Wah Kuan . y u look at me xD

Sherin, Bernice, Suki, Jacelyn ! =)

This is my Monday ! boring... i m lazy to study =.=
can i just be lazy. dunwan study. just went to school for playing !!
haixx !

24/6/2011 : Celebrate Father's day with my boy's parents !! ♥

Hey Frens ! i think i had been ignore my blog for 1 weeks more. hahaha ! bt nvm. i touch it nw. ok. share something to u. Celebrated Father's Day With My Boy's Parents on last friday, 24/6/2011. We eat at '喜来登'. But before that. i reach Pavillion early because of my boy =.= he said he wan to buy shirt for the dinner. i m surprised when he changed the cloth. wat u guess ? he is handsome. very very handsome. i like he wear like this. super nice and super handsome lo. can't control myself after saw him changed the cloth. i said loudly. handsome lo wei. i love this =D
so. enjoy the pix. this all is capture at his house.

Its me ! Outfit !

See. Is my handsome boy =D

I love u =)

u still remember this pose ? 老师嫁老大 !! hehe !

y u ar so naughty ? pull ur ears ! hurt or not ? if hurt pls listen to me xD

Nice =)

A happy day for me ! a post for today soon.
nw i need to take a nap, only i post the other post !
enjoy ya ! bye ! =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !! =)

Hey ! Today is father's day ! =) i wan to share with u my handsome father ! =) really lo !! =.= a lot of auntie tell my mum that : ur husband really leng zai and young =.= lol... said my mum older than my dad... those 38 auntie !! We eat at granpa house tonight ! and my aunt gt bake a chocalate cake !! =) And we blow it ! let c the picture =)

Here he is !! My handsome dad =)

This is the cek i drew for him !! nice ? xD my art not bad wat xP
U know y i did this for him ? bcoz .... (it is secrets)

The left is my elder sis gave my dad !! the right sure is mine =)

IWC ! it is a brand of watch ! =)

Medals from S&J !! by my sis xD

Hope he will like it =)

Here is the chocalate cake !! =)

The left hand side is my granpa, the middle is my uncle, and the right is my handsome dad xD

My dad ! really handsome =D

Yeah ! he is happy =)

And this is me and Dad !

i will cherish the time u ar still being with me !! =) i really cant imagine the day u leave me !! so promise me ! u must be health as granpa ! u must stay with me untill i marry !! i dun wish to lose u !! my perfect dad... this is the reason y my elder sis wan to gift my dad the medals !! daddy, rmb that we ar always love u !! WE LOVE U

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friday ?! Saturday ?! Yesterday ?! And Today ?!

Hey u ! i'm here for blogging again. Blog about my friday. Saturday. Yeasterday. And Today ! =) Firstly, lets talk about my friday ! a nice day =) Went to Midvelly with my boy's uncle. Biotherm gt a event at the all. My boy aunt's had bought some products, and get some voucher, had a free made-up by Shu Uemura, And a pair of Contact lens from Focus point. She dunwan both of this. so she gv it to me. Thx aunt. U c ...

Deng deng deng deng. When i had made-up !
a lot of difference =D
i think ok wat ?!

The children wanted to eat ice-cream...
So we get to the Haagen Dazs to have this set of ice-cream...
Hehehehe ! really very nice ! i like the chocalate...

End for friday ! just a simple updated ! bcoz i didnt capture a lot of pix...

Come to Saturday ! =D Hang out again ! With my boy's sister. We went to CEO for sing k ! We start to sing at 1pm-7pm. My leg super pain when wearing the high heels ! lol =.= i changed it to slipper. i bought the slipper at time square ! hahaha ! wasting money again. i changed 2 style on a day. i changed my high heels to slipper. and i chg my cloth too ! i just take off the long sleeve that i m wearing. i still wearing a black singlet inside. and clip up my fridge ! nice ! =D

my outfit ! b4 i change the style xD

No any picture again ! just this =.= im lazy to capture so much ! and it is not interst also xD

Monday ! back to school life again ! im lazy to went back to school for study and exam ! sigh* very boring ! every day just repeat the same thing. wake up early in the morning. Went to school. recess. back to home. take a nap. dinner. slp then school again ! lol =.= bt this is just the last half year. i m gradute after SPM. yeah ! We chat whole period at school. bcoz of the exam paper ! damn worse for my marks. i dun care. and i didnt blame myself. bcoz i really didnt study at all. back to the topic, My dinner. I had my dinner at B.station, the view is nice. bt i dun like the food.

Cafe Latte. Nice ! And a pasta for my dinner !

The views. i just capture this bcoz it is around the place i sit !

End for the day ! i m full ! wahhhhhh ! =D

Today !
let me show off my chinese xD
我今天很多话讲. 可是一讲了就知道我在讲谁了. 算! 我讲别的. 你可以不要copy吗? 做么你可以做到有口讲别人没口讲自己的最高境界的 ? 明明自己也是这样 ! 还敢去讲别人 ! 好心啦 ! copy的东西好心救自己改一改啦 ! copy 到好像 paste 酱 ! 蠢材 ! 真的是啊 ! 我没有在你面前讲并不代表我不知道 ! 只是大家都是朋友, 我怕你难堪啊 ! 真是令人讨厌 !
i din mention who i am saying, bt if u wan admit, then is not my problem ! bcoz u know u did it =D *fcuk off ! =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outing With My Sis !!

Hello ! How ar u today ??! quiet nice day for me ! =) This is the day i hang out with my sis, Sephiria Foo !!! I woke up at 11am ! Prepared for outing... We reached thr for 2pm sumthing... bcoz of my eldest sis need to fetch her fren... So me and my yoengest sis went to CEO at 3pm... We finished at 7pm... 4 happy hours for us =) so syok !!! yeahooo !!! So lets c the pix nw =)

Is me =) Outfit Today !!
Top from MNG t-shirt =D

Sherin & Sephiria =)

CEO !!

Wah !!! Nice hair =.= (i mean my sis, pls ignore her funny hair)

After sing k !! went to my boy to visited him =D i miss him !! But he is busying for work !! *sigh ! Tmr outing with him =D We have our dinner at starbucks !!

End for today ! Bye-bye =)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping Day !!

Blog about my Saturday with family ! =) my small sis was nt with us today. bcoz she went to penang to attend a sompetition ! how pro she is xD And my boy can't go with us too... bcoz he need to work ! sigh* Wake up early in the morning =) 8.30pm. then preapare to Klang for breakfast ! our breakfast is BAK KUT TEH ! hehehe ! my sis favourite. so suggest us to go ! after this we went to Jusco at Bukit Tinggi ! Back at 4pm ! And next round to Sunway Pyramid ! lol ! my sis suggestion again ! zz !

Outfit !

BAK KUT TEH! nt nice at all !!!!!!
we dun like it, except my sis =.=

Having lunch at 龙的传人 !

Spray Tatoo on my left leg =)
Just for fun ! can last for 1 week !

And my sis have one also =)

I forget wat is this =.=
But i know gt rice, toufu and chili !

Wat this call ?
anyway ! it is from East Indian Company =)

I found it for long time ! Finally i get it !
T-shirt from Mango =)

T-shirt and Singlet from Cache Cache !

Lastly, my favourite! Pooh Bear Luggega !
From Patty Shop !

Damn tired after shopping ! 2 shopping centre in 1 day =.= 2 in 1 ...
Just nw we still decide to ply mahjong ! bt all ppl is tired... so, decide to slp early xD
So, Gud nitexx everyone ! bye-bye =)
And i wan thanks my dad and mum ! for buying me those expensive thing ! I LOVE U !

Jogoya again !!! =)

Hey !!!! Hi !!!!! Hello !!!! Today i wanna share about ...the day out with my boy and his sis =) it was yesterday... Friday ! we went to sungai wang at 4pm =.= lol !!!! damn late... bcoz my boy is busying sumthing... so late. when we reach my bf said wan to cut his hair =.= and we book the Jogoya at 5.30pm to 9pm... While he cutting hair... me and her sis sure went for shopping xD i bought a shirt... and she bought a shirt and a dress !

My outfit today =)
i capture this at everlast =.= while her sis is trying the shoes !!

Hehe !!

i like this... bt it is not clear !!

We ar damn hungry !!
so din capture too much pix for food =D

Here is some desserts =)

Me and She !

She is short than me xD
i m so happy ! as my wish xP

Yeah ! the pix with full of love =)
Damn love it !

Expensive dinner for us... 3 ppl costs 300++ ! sign* . thanks dear !
Just a simple post here ! Enjoy ur day too ! bye-bye.