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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Happiness =D

Hey, this is the last post i update before SPM. Haha. Now i am very very very hardworking for my SPM !! wow =D Today i wan to shows u all, My happiness. Alot alot of happiness with frens and my boyfriend and my family. woohooo!! Let the picture do the talks =)

First, went to Galaxy Ampang Fun Fair, woohoo. My sweetie bernice invite me to go with her and a frens =) 

Saw this at watson! I love it =)

Last friday, running and jogging with my boyfreind and His sister too. U know ?? TIRED !! because i long time didn't exercise. hohoho =) The nikes !! =)

Last sunday, went to Midvelly with family because daddy and mummy off on the day. =) Make up by M.A.C make up artist, Cindy. Thanks for giving me nice look on that day =) 

My sister =)

The most happiness,i get my Lumix gf3 !! Thanks daddy. i get it at midvelly exhibition. Very very cheap. This is RM2599 actually, but i get it RM 2199 only, And and and, They gifts me 2 umbrella, 2 shirts, 2 8GB memory card, 2 notes book, 1 printer, free a lens, the set of tools for cleaning my lens, travel bad, and a caring bag. Wohho !! i am lucky because when i going, it is the last day for this exhibition =)

I get this pyjamas set at Women's Secret. It is so nice =) u can get it too =D

And i get this new product from M.A.C, wohooo. Eyebrown, Blush, Eye linear, Foundation and make up base =)