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Monday, January 23, 2012

年初一 :)

Hello people, today is 年初一, what are you doing today ? is it ur day nice ?? I am =) i am so happy today, sure included receive alot of angpau, eating with the family, visiting my aunty house, and "bai bai" at the 东禅寺. Hmmm, let see. i wake up 8.50 in the morning. Excited. I love my outfit today, going to show you the picture soon. Tomorrow i am going to Kuantan. I will be back at Saturday, so stay tunned for my new post on Sunday. Let the picture do the talks now ;)

Outfit of today :) top and bottom from online shop. shoes also. but now can't see. because i take off before went in the temple. Ltr u will c it, and the stockings, i forget whr i get it. haha, and my bag, Longchamp, from Germany :p

With my babe sis, Sephiria. She is so RED today :)

I bless my family healty always, and my boyfriend's family too. And my uncle faster recover back. And my mummy and daddy earn more in this year. for myself too =) not really much la !! u must help me archeive these wishes !! haha :P

平安灯, for my uncle. :)

From left is my younger sis, sephiria. Me. Mummy. And my elder sis, Jess.

My handsome daddy :P

With the sisters,

Here is we all !! i love you my FAMILY :)

After this, we went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi for lunch ad walk around.

CHE GO KOREAN B.B.Q !! Korean food as our lunch, really nice and full :)

Let's smile to welcome the new year =)

The food. *YUMMY

This is the most nice one :P Chicken BBQ. The waiter help us to made this.

We went to my aunty house at 4pm. Having dinner with the big family is so nice. Would u like it too ? i love the feeling so much. Today i am not going to gamble!! haha. i am going to sleep soon. Tomorrow need to wake up early to pack my things to the trip. Good night. Hope you had a nice day too =)
At the last,how can less New Year's song in New Year ?? Enjoy it friends :)

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