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Saturday, May 28, 2011

28/5/2011. its suki'd birthday ♥

HELLO !!! i have long time didn't update my blog... =.= bcoz of he exam !!! i hate exam !!! and i just knew about my maths exam paper marks... guess hw ? i FAIL my maths !!! F*ck !!! first time fail maths... sure i'm sad about it... and i knew about my english paper 1, the essays part... from 80marks ... i just get 41 onli =.= and i can't believe that......... (can't say it out) omg!!! it is worst. i hate.

okay. back to the topic. yesterday 28/5/2011 is my sweetie, suki's birthday =) Sengengcukahamida (this word means happy birthday. in korean word,teach by ashley. thanks ashley) let me sing a song for u =) Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to suki, happy birthday to u =) wish u happy, wish u found a perfect bf, wish u have a happy birthday this year. hope u will like the surprise we gave u yesterday =)

I wake up at 8am. it is too late. bcoz we promised that wait at bernice's house at 8am. We have nt enuff time to ply badminton =.= i reach her house at 8.45am. then the boys decided to having the breackfast at sumwhr !!! we finish our breackfast at 10.15am !!! it's late !!! we decide to went er house at 10am. so we back to bernice's house to take the cake. onli we went to her house.

Here is the cake. Balck Forest !!!
Nice, bt it is too creamy...

When we ar waiting her to prepared =.=
bcoz she just woke up when we reach thr !!!

We hide in her kitchen =.=
and prepared the cake xD

The boyes hide in toilet =.=
lolz !!!

Surprise =)

When we ar enjoying the cake !!!

Poker !!!

We went back at 3pm. bcoz some of us need to went back home for tuition or SLEEP !!! xD

Next round. Black & White !!!!
we reached thr at 7pm and we finish at 10.30pm ...
We ar plying poker again =.=

once again !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUKI =)

This is the pix that i took at sch with jacelyn =)
i like.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exam time ......

Hey guys...just a simple blog today. i'm really lazy to blogged by the time i'm examing... so wait for my blogged next time =.= ( i'm not sure when it is. lol. actually xD ) i finish my exam by 26may =) i wish can finish it early. i wish to slp. exam make my slping time getting less. and i'm kinda lazy to study. everyday i also will spend 2 hour for slping when afternoon =D it is not good. my mum suggest me slp 1 hour enuff. bcoz slp more will become lazy. ya. i became lazy =.= do what also lazy. huh~ i wish to get good result but i dunwan lose the time i slp. hahahahaha. so how ? what should i do xP

Let me tell u how about my exam. one word "worst" . omg. my bahasa melayu. i prepare to fail bcoz my malay no good at all. and my eng. i'm very dissapointed on it. when examing. i feel nervous. i scare i gt not enuff time to finish the essay. so the whole paragraph i m using the broken english to write it =.= about the maths. i did wrong a lot. lol man. =.= i dunno what happening to me =.= i m nervous. scare do wrong and wat wat wat =.= oh stupid sherin. no need say about the sejarah. i m not going to touch the revision book and the notes, the exercise we did. i m not writing at all on the paper 2. i just left it and slp for 2hours and 30min. how long it all. i think whole class also din did for this. coz we ar not interesting on it. the teacher din teach us at all. just gv us the exercise. ekonomi asas. omg. when did paper 2. i gt full confidence on it. bt when i realise that i did wrong the counting, just left 5 min. so i just left it. not going to do any correction. so, my 25marks gone =.= i cried after exam. i know hw to do. bt dunno y. i will write wrong thing =.= whats going on sherin foo =.= tmr is the subject of add maths. haha~ fail again ?
yup (i think so) xD

i have changed my fon. Galaxy S. i will update the pix soon.

end for today. good nitexx and bye-bye =)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day =)

Hello everyone =) its bloggie time again. its mother's day today =) Happy mother's day to every mother =D i love you mummy. we went out for dinner just now. so lets c the picture.

Here is my lovely mum. Helen Tan =D

Here is the gift that buy by my sis and her bf =)

Here is the gift that me and my boy bought for mum =)

I love u mummy. i wish you happy everyday. and beauty forever =)

Now let me show u the pic that teacher call us to do. the topic of hateness. I write about her xD everyone also ask me it is write her? i say yes. coz when i think about her. my heart fully of hateness. so she is suit to my topic xD u know? i hate her more than words can say. hahahahaha! i think she think like this also. nvm i dun care about this. do u c the angry bird? draw by my fren. her name is ah shoot =) thank you for this. we love it =)

Just a simple post today =) gud nitex everyone. bye-bye =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Melaka trip 2/5/2011 *Part 2

Hi guys. here is the second post =) Cum to 2nd day. we have our breakfast in the hotel. Then we went for jonker walk again. bcoz of my elder sis =.= so we ar having the same lunch at the same place. so, lets c the picture =)

Outfit for today. Top from Melaka =)

Hw is my hair style? nice wat? tied up by my mum =.=
i dunno hw to tied this xD haha.

Here is my boy =)

The couple Melaka shirt that he bought for me yesterday =)
He loves me =) and i loves him too =D

Love this pic so much. its nice. i chg it as my fb profile picture =)

After lunch, we ar doing to visit my dad's aunt at melaka too. in a small kampung. that she lives for many years adi. she is 89 years old this year. u know guys? she is a beautiful women when she was young. my dad told me that =) We buy some graphs, bird's nest to visit her. and i hug her. coz 1 year adi i din saw her. she was speaking in hoi nam language. so my dad say. we all dunno wat she say. just he can understand. =.= huh~

After this we really back to home adi =( so sad. so fast finish our trip. i miss all the thing happen in melaka. specially with my boy and my family. it is a unforgettable trip. when we reach ampang. we ar having our dinner at a chinese restaurant. then my boy bck to my house together. After we clean up all the thing and finish bath. we decide to ply mahjong again =.= opppsss. keep plying this xD hahaha. bcoz it is really nice. bt my boy back early. i hate this. i cry =.= suckss. easy to cry. i really miss him so much. dun wish he went back. hope he can stay besides me all the time >< u know? i love him =)

end for my trip =( finish my part 2 . bye-bye.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Melaka trip 1/5/2011 *Part 1

hohoho. hi everyone. is bloggie time again. i have been lazy to update my blog for 2 days =.= now onli i wan to updated. ok. so today i will blog about the Melaka trip that my boy go along with my family =) it is a gud thing. and my mum likes him. she say i must "cherish" him xD bcoz he is a gud boy. so. let c the pic. i will tell u all wats going on for the first day =)

My outfit for today =)

My mum wake me up at 8.45am. bt i set my alarm wake me up at 9am. so i dun care about my mum =.= i just wait to 9am. erm. i like to slp. so 15min also cant let it gone xD haha. then i wake up my boy, after that bath and prepare for going to have breakfast and fetch my boy. bt when we have done prepare. he appear in my house =.= he suprised me... so. we went for having breakfast. we are about 11am to start the journey. sure we boring inside the car. so i decide to capture picture xD

opps. my sis is slping. xD

ignore me pls =) just c him. he is cute i love him.

i love this pic okay? it is nice wat?

so we reach Melaka about 1pm. we went for "Jonker Walk" for our lunch and waiting for check in to the hotel. By the time my mum waiting the sitting place for chicken rice. my mum call me to buy the durian cendol. and i saw a cute thing. make me interest on it. c this is the "fish" . =.= its named ying yong waffle. not very nice actually. but it looks nice. xD

c . 6 for each box. cost RM12 (i think, i forget adi =.=)

c my boy =.= he is so excited to eat this durian cendol.
actually i dun like it also =.= it is not match.
just like durian+water onli =.=
can u imagine that? is it yuuukkksss?

Yes. i m hungry. lets start our lunch =)
Pls dun misunderstand. that is not fish ball.
it is rice ball ok ? xD

thanks god giving me a happy day and a angry day =.= when we finish our lunch. the sky getting dark. its start rainning. i hate it so much =.= huh.

So. we waiting the rain stop infront of the toto shop =.=
when my mum buying the toto. i did this. xD

we ar running back to the car =.= and went to our hotel. its named Seri Mahkota. After we all having bath. we start our game. u know wat game is it? hahahahahahaha. it is mahjong =.= i love this. bcoz i know how to play. i m lucky. i won alot of money from my mum xD and my boy is not pro on this. so my dad teaching him. and he won my money =.= but u know? he loves me. he willing to buy all the thing that i wan. and teaching me alot of thing. =) when 6pm my sis reached the hotel. she is late bcoz she is going to genting with his bf yesterday.

When evening, we all getting hungry. and my dad decide to watch his football at 9pm. so we hang out again. we didn't drive our car went out. bcoz the shopping centre is opposite the hotel onli =.= its so gud for us. we ar having our dinner at Sushi king =)

My 2nd outfit for today

With my boy again =)

after the dinner. we ar free. i walk along with my boy. than my mum and father went back to hotel bcoz of the football match. and my sis walk along with her bf too =)

Play REST N GO with my dear. RM1 for 3min i think. (forget again)

yeah =)

i m hungry again. so my boy bring me to Secret Recipe for a cake xD

Finish eating the cakes. it is adi about 9.30pm. we decide to going back to hotel. bt reached the hotel. we didn't went back to room. bcoz, my boy had promise me to bring me to the bar in the hotel xD it is so noisy =.= bcoz the music is loud. need to gossip t each other ear onli can hear wat he saying xD we order a orang juice mix tiger beer. it is nice. i love it. and my sis and her bf joined us too xD my sis having a glass of orang juice =.= and her bf is having a bottle of tiger =)

After that we back to our room and bath. u know wats next? is mahjong xD wahahahahaha. we ply untill 2am =.=
so end for the first day. i will update my second post again. stay tunned =)