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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello, i am long time didn't update my blog. I am working now. 10am to 10pm... Is no time to let me do those thing... i can't sleep more than 8 hours... i can't always online. i can't always out. i can't do alot alot of thing. And i'm just got 1 day per week. So, if i can accompany my boy, means can't accompany my friend. Haixx. And, i had change my phone. I'm using iphone 4s now. And i love he cover very much. This is what my boy bought for me. And the home screen sticker. I get it also, it is winnie the pooh also =) Thanks my boy, i love u so much =)

How about my SPM result ?? Haha, i just can say. I am not really care about it. I won't sad about my result. I got 5 credit. "ok ok lo" for me. Actually today i take leave at 6pm. But i dunno the education fair in Midvelly is over by 6pm. *SHIT @@ angry... But nvm,i can search it on internet also =)

So i just stop here, not much thing to post about.
Enjoy some song here =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work mood, OFF !!

Hello, everyone. Long time didn't update my blog ady... Because i am i am working now. Working full time. Today off, so i am free to update now. Nothing special, just a short post today =) I jsut can say, i wish to be a child now =.= Work is reallt freaking tired !!! Let see some picture now =)

She is my workmate + new friend, Diana Ong =)

When we are boring... We did this :P

u can see my tired face... Especially my panda eyes :(

(From left to right) First is my boss, Kim ;P Second is me and third is Diana =) Second pic, first is me, Second is Ivy, my workmate and new friend also =D

Enjoy some new song =)